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  1. I have not seen the fruits here (States), yet. You might find them frozen. And the juice, it readily found. Look on the ingredient list where Acia berry is – 1st on the list $$ about last $. I drink the Knudsen brand. the fresher the best, so frozen (if can find) and the bottle juice next.jabril

  2. Ah oui j’oubliais, vous connaissez une entreprise dans le monde capable de virer en seule charrette de 20 à 50.000 personnes??Vous en trouverez en Angleterre : usines Vauxhall ( 87.000 personnes) , ministère de l’éducation ( 85.000 personnes), Chantiers navals de la Royauté ( 55.000 personnes) British coat and oil : (50.000 personnes), 2ème restructuration BP en 1987: 47.000 personnes, British Telecoms ( 36.000 personnes) etc…..

  3. Hope? What about the life rafts?If you hadn’t posted that picture I could have gone on imagining you were suave and shit. You’re sounding quite energetic, though, with all this springboarding and leaping and striding. You might need a lie down.

  4. I didn't know Google did that either. I thought the same results came up for everyone. Thanks JC Hendee for the tip about – just tried it out and it seems a good alternative.

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    Hi Susan, I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your dishes. May I come live with you? Your house seems exactly as my sister and I would decorate ours. My husband is an out of sight person and could never handle the collections so I must live vicariously through you, but that is throughly enjoyable.

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