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    car market dropping like a rock. I know someone who just picked up a used 911 Turbo 4 yrs old 13k miles for 60k on a 150k new car. In the go-go days, this car probably was still valued at 120k.Luxury goods are so passe. Wonder what a pair of $300 jeans go for? I think some guy is probably using it as a rag to squeegee cars.

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    thanks for the updates i well look forward this software. btw i never use tuneup again its mess up my computer one time.granite countertops’s recent post ..

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    It’s imperative that more people make this exact point.

  4. Martin St-Pierre dit :Je ne vois pas l’économie dans le graph et avoir l’enviroronnement comme premier enjeu électoral est un signe de maladie mentale collective.Et puis, au Québec, l’ADQ a apporté une excellente remise en question sur l’orgie d’accommodements raisonnables qu’on donne aux importés.

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