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    That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.

  2. http://www./ schreef:

    Ah, Marie, pour ce qui est des bleus, votre troll est né de cette couleur, sa soeur jumelle, Denise, moi-même, l’assommait de coups de pied au cerveau, dans le ventre de notre mère, puis à la naissance, Denise naquit avant Denichon, en se poussant des pieds, frappant le futur d.bile à la tête.

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    Excelente aportación del Kamarada McCarthy. Humildemente os digo, que cada vez me encuentro más orgulloso de ser parte integrante de este glorioso movimiento de progreso, en pro de la verdad y la justicia que nuestra propia ideología socialista ha decidido imponer, porque así nos ha salido de las pelotas, y punto.Sin lugar a dudas, MSV está compuesto por un gran conjunto de inigualables pensadores de bien, y que nadie me lo discuta, pues un servidor se encuentra totalitariamente convencido de lo que dice.

  4. Absolutely—I think one of the reasons people do “pay what you wish” downloads is that they really just want people to hear their music, love it, and spread the word, right? I’m glad you’re checking it out!

  5. Irish Wedding Sitters are insured, qualified and vetted. We bring all we need to entertain and supervise the LITTLEST guests so you don’t need to worry about anything apart from actually booking us

  6. jetpack joyride schreef:

    The Jewish people are first and foremost an ethnic nationality and not a religion. That is why “progressive Jews” like Weiss can call themselves Jewish. You dont think they practice the religion, do you?

  7. grim,Thanks. It’s really interesting how all four ‘severely distressed’ counties are out west, in Cali and Nevada. And wow, what is with so many soft/distressed counties in CA, FL, VA, GA, OH, MI, MD etc? Makes NJ look good by comparison.BTW I’m surprised Middlesex/Somerset aren’t in the ‘at risk’ categories.

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