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    i only heard ONE song…thing is…I’m coppin’ off the strength of that “Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80′s” joint…that’s all I been listening to for like the last 3 weeks…dude can really saing…and Nicolay’s production is a sure bet

  2. http://www./ schreef:

    खरच..काही छोट्या छोट्या गोष्टी असतात, पण त्यातून मैलाचा आनंद देऊन जातात…आमचे आजोबा माझ्या आजीला आम्ही समोर असताना मुद्दाम मुख्यमंत्री म्हणून हाक मारत असत, आणि आजी थोडीशी अवघडून किचन मधून बाहेर डोकावून डोळे मोठे करायची, अहो काय हो असा उत्तर द्यायची.त्यांच्या त्या वागण्याचा अर्थ तेव्हा बाल मनाला कळला नाही पण खरच किती छान वाटत ते दृष्य आठवला की..उखाणे जबरी

  3. LOL! I know right? Neil kills me. No, he has NO idea! He’s an idiot! He’s a romance Sim. I think that’s why they do all the swooning. I don’t think he’s fugly…just unique looking. LOL!It is, it is!! I was surprised when it happened. I wish my hand would have been quicker on hitting the camera button.Thanks Emily! Neil ALWAYS makes that face when he’s playing ball.

  4. And watching the way the yankees just flat out compete year in, year out… coupled with what's gone on in Boston…. it's just given me a new appreciation for Jeter's leadership of this ballclub… I was never one of the morons incorrectly screaming about how he wasn't a good Captain… but I don't even think I realized just what a great leader he truly is until this season!!!

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